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  • We  can process and customize all kinds of ball  bearings,roller bearings.
  • We also provide  related products such as oil-free-dry lubrication bearings, bushings, washers.

(minimum inner diameter:3mm; maximum outer diameter: 1500mm)

export around you in bearing application problems

We have customized products for worldwide customers.

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customization process:

1. Provide samples or drawings

2. Factory will audit and give minimum order quantity,price and delivery date.

3. Customer makes payment, factory will produce samples and send to customer to confirm.

4. If customer needs the sample in advance, the mold cost will be required. The cost of the sample is very high, but the cost can be refunded when  purchasing large goods.

    We can provide customers with a more comprehensive solution in the product area, and the product price is better and the price-performance ratio is absolutely market leading.

The company has automatic lathe processing area, CNC lathe processing area, automatic grinder processing area, assembly area and so on. It has advanced product testing equipment and two processing equipment, realizing the integration of bearing and mechanical accessories production.

The company introduced Germany's most advanced automatic lathes, computer lathes, computer grinder, two image detection equipment and various advanced equipment.

We can be more perfect in product quality and accuracy to meet customer requirements.

We can provide material processing customization, sample processing customization, OEM processing customization, drawing customization, manual processing customization and other various processing custom methods!

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