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China bearing actuator is being investigated in the US
Source: | Author:1sagain | Publish time: 2018-08-26 | 355 Views | Share:
"China's entire manufacturing sector needs to be seen in the global market, rather than surviving in China." Yu Lan told the "World Manager".
At present, the manufacturing industry is facing many new pressures, sluggish market demand, serious overcapacity and other global manufacturing industry will face a huge challenge. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry, China put forward the strategic plan of "Made in China 2025" last year. Various detailed measures have been announced this year. A big curtain of manufacturing transformation has been slowly opened in China.
In this context, in March this year, the United States Timken Company ushered in the first local president of China, there is no doubt that this is Timken Company to pay more attention to the localization of a manifestation. "This is not only my personal recognition, but also the recognition of the entire Chinese team, the Chinese market must have local personnel to contact, in order to establish a deeper level of cooperation." Yu Lan, the new president of China, analyzed the "World Manager".
Yu Lan, new China president, The Timken Company
The R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-end bearings in the world are basically monopolized by Sweden's Skiff, Germany's Schaeffler, Japan's Ernsk and the aforementioned American Timken. Bearing is known as the "heart" component of equipment manufacturing. It is an important and key basic component in equipment manufacturing industry. It directly determines the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and main engine products.
In Yu Lan's view, it is Timken's place of use today when China's manufacturing industry constantly puts forward higher requirements for product performance and constantly moves towards internationalization.  Of course, they also face challenges. On the one hand, nothing can be accomplished overnight, and China's goal of achieving a strong manufacturing nation will be a gradual process. On the other hand, after the financial crisis, improving quality while reducing costs has become the primary task facing all enterprises, this task is still crucial to the development of enterprises.
Produce the products that customers need.
"Whether it's foreign companies or many successful Chinese companies, if you analyze them carefully, you will find that they will spare no effort in innovation." Yu Lan told the manager of the world.
The founding of Timken Company in 1899 was based on the patents granted by founder Henry Timken for tapered roller bearings. This bearing can bear axial and radial forces at the same time, which is a major innovation of antifriction bearings. After more than a century of development, Timken, who has always pursued innovation, has gradually completed the transformation from product manufacturers to solution providers and technology companies.
In Made in China 2025, the first problem to be solved is that the system innovation is not strong. The first of the five major projects is to build a national manufacturing innovation center project. Innovation drive is also mentioned in the basic policy.
In Yu Lan's view, if domestic enterprises want to make a difference in innovation, they should form a strategic partnership with the giant companies in the industry. This is a process of mutual cooperation and support, and it is one of the ways of rapid development of domestic enterprises. On the other hand, with the help of service customers, such as General Electric, Alstom and other large enterprises, these industry giants put forward high requirements for product innovation or the speed of new product development, which can help enterprises on the road to innovation more and more far, leaving other domestic enterprises behind.
"In terms of the product itself, you must have a leading position, in addition to the'high-end', there are cost control, customer acceptance of the product and other issues," Yu Lan said. "Timken launched a DeltaX plan in 2014, which aims to accelerate the growth of the bearing business for several years, mainly including three parties. The first is to expand the scope of products and accelerate the development of new applications; the second is to strengthen and expand the first-class collaborative technology sales model; the third is to improve the global market penetration. It is somewhat similar to the concept of China's supply-side reform, which is to produce the products that customers need based on customer demand.
Timken's pursuit of product innovation and high-quality positioning has made its related products and services almost ubiquitous, covering a wide range of industrial sectors such as energy, aviation, rail, metallurgy, mining, cement, machine tools and railways. He can be found from land, sea and space. In the aviation industry, for example, Timken has provided key bearing solutions for NASA's Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity Mars probes. More than 95% of the landing gear wheels of civil aircraft worldwide are equipped with Timken tapered roller bearings. In addition, Timken < bearings are used in more than 21-700 systems of domestic jet passenger aircraft ARJ21-700.
Yu Lan pointed out that Chinese enterprises must pay attention to R&D. "Why can your enterprise survive in the market, first of all, you need to know what value your customers can get from the products you buy, so that you can make a real and effective communication with your customers. At the same time, you should have the ability to form a strategic partnership with foreign enterprises, so as to enhance their innovative ability and understanding of the international marketing model level.
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