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The use of bearings in our life
Source: | Author:1sagain | Publish time: 2018-08-26 | 362 Views | Share:
Bearing is an important part of mechanical equipment, and its application field is quite extensive. Bearing is used in mechanical equipment, such as automobile, engine and other mechanical equipment. So what are the uses of bearings in life?

Simply put, pregnant women buy a lot of things for their children before they are born, including clothes to wear, toys to buy, and of course, baby carriages. The emphasis is on baby carriages, because the wheels of baby carriages need bearings, the main role of bearings is to support the mechanical rotation, thereby reducing the settings. The friction coefficient in the rotation process keeps the bearing at the center of the shaft.
Bearing is a common part in our life, but in life we should be good at discovering the eye, to find the bearing, in short, when you have removed a lot of things, toys, equipment, when you look at one thing again, you can imagine how certain things are rotating and running.
Bearings are also used in motor equipment, after 90 should play motor, there is always a child for some things there is a curiosity psychology, then we go to remove the curiosity, motor by the outer shell, rotor, iron-absorbing stone, brush and other parts of the composition, then did not think that the motor will not have friction when rotating? Small electric toy motors can ignore the idea of friction, but there is lubricant between the two ends of the rotor and the shell, so it can be imagined that the motor in the process of rotation, the two ends of the rotor is composed of bearings, the purpose of doing so is to greatly reduce the friction between the rotor and the body.
Bearing is not far away from our life. As long as we have good eyed eyes, we will find many.
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