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Bearing manufacturing to high-end intelligent development
Source: | Author:1sagain | Publish time: 2018-08-26 | 338 Views | Share:
Recently, the Quanzhou Economic and Information Commission, Luojiang District Government jointly sponsored the 2016 China (Quanzhou) high-end manufacturing (smart bearings) Summit Forum held in Quanzhou. Sixty experts from China's navy, army and air force, as well as hundreds of enterprise representatives attended the grand meeting to discuss bearing reliability, intelligence and related technologies with the theme of "intelligent bearings".

Smart bearings developed in Quanzhou

In recent years, Quanzhou has actively promoted the demonstration project of "CNC Generation" mechanical product innovation and application, implemented the "Quanzhou Manufacturing 2025" and developed the special action plan of intelligent manufacturing, promoted the "machine OEM" and equipment upgrading, and promoted the development of manufacturing enterprises in the direction of digitalization, networking and intellectualization, so as to serve the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Development provides great opportunities. It is understood that as one of the five traditional superior industries in Quanzhou, the output value of equipment manufacturing industry reached 135 billion yuan in 2015, an increase of 20.1%.

"China is a large bearing manufacturing country, but it is not a bearing manufacturing power. At the beginning of 2016, we began to invest in intelligent research and development of bearings. Now we have developed a smart technology with MEMS micro-electromechanical sensors. It is a kind of smart technology of sensors that strides into the advanced ranks of the world today. It has a huge market capacity of tens of billions, even hundreds of billions, and can be applied to aerospace, high-speed rail, oil and nuclear power, high-end CNC machine tools and other fields. Lin Deqing, vice chairman of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association and chairman of Deyuan Bearing Company, said in his report that he was willing to share the "China Core" of smart bearings developed independently with his peers, and jointly promote China's bearing industry from big to strong.

"Deyuan Bearing and its chief technical advisor Dr. Nie Yongzhong's"industry-university-research"cooperation model, the development of the region's intelligent equipment industry has played a very good demonstration and guidance role." As one of the sponsors of the forum, the leaders of Luojiang District Government expressed the hope that with the help of the forum, experts and entrepreneurs can build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, promote the development of enterprises in Luojiang District, and further enhance the research and development level of high-end manufacturing industry, especially smart bearings in Luojiang District and Quanzhou City.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment base

It is reported that the intelligent bearing developed by Deyuan Bearing is the result of close docking and cooperation with the professional team led by Dr. Nie Yongzhong, an expert of the National "Thousand People Plan".

SKF, the world's first bearing brand in 2015, announced on its official website that it would take the intelligent development of large-scale and high-grade bearings as its future direction, to improve quality and product value-added.

"SKF has developed smart bearings after spending tens of millions of dollars in ten years." Dr. Nie Yongzhong, chief technical consultant of Deyuan Bearing Company, said that smart bearings have several advantages: embedded high-reliability, high-sensitivity broadband MEMS sensors; can be used to collect vibration, speed, speed and other data; can realize wireless data transmission and wireless power supply; sensor technology development has changed the past. Bearing detection mode makes sensors more direct and easier to warn faults in advance; at the same time, it will also change the mode of operation, so that bearing manufacturers from industrial suppliers to service and large data providers; finally, through the combination of micro-sensor fusion technology, data processing technology, power management technology and artificial intelligence technology, The bearing can be self diagnosed.

At the beginning of 2016, De Yuan bearing company began to develop intelligent bearing research and development. Unlike the smart bearings used in the domestic industry in the past, the company is determined to build the "China Core" through independent research and development. At present, the smart bearings have been initially formed. The products using MEMS micro-electromechanical technology have obvious advantages and can be used in the control and health monitoring of aero-engine bearings, as well as the ship engines. Bearing control and health monitoring in high-speed rail, rail transit, wind power and nuclear power, petroleum and petrochemical, deep-sea exploration and large precision CNC machine tools.

Lin Deqing, chairman of Deyuan Bearing Company, said that in the next stage, China will strengthen cooperation with all walks of life, promote the innovation and development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry through bearing intelligence, and jointly promote China from a big bearing manufacturing country to a powerful bearing manufacturing country.

The leaders of Luojiang District Government said that they would cultivate and expand high-end manufacturing industry from a higher starting point, strengthen docking cooperation with scientific research institutes, actively attract high-end innovative talents, and strive to build Luojiang Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park into a smart manufacturing base and smart Park of Fuxiaquan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
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