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If you find problems or failures in the assembly or use of the bearings , which needs to consult and other services, please feedback to us in time.You can contact the company's business staff to seek help, so as to solve the problems you encountered as soon as possible.

Step 1: Telephone, mail, Skype, WeChat or QQ to contact our salesperson to explain the specific problems or failures.

Step 2: Send the specific problems or faults of the products to our salesman. If you are convenient, you can also carry the product directly to our company for after-sales service.

Step 3: Our salesperson will contact you in the shortest time after receiving the customer complaint, and the company will give the processing plan within 48 hours.

Step 4: We will communicate  with the customer to decide the method of handling the malfunction product , after the agreement with the customer's opinion, the after-sales service is provided to the customer according to the service process of the company after sale.

Step 5: After the product is repaired and debugged, we will return the product to the customer.





E-mail: manager02@1sagain.com